Although a manager at the gym, Timmy is an ordinary employee ranked even lower than his cats at home.
He introduces himself as an alpine climber, but actually he is a gym rat.
Timmy has the world record in being the youngest to conquer K2. In addition, he loves mountain climbing as well as free, ice, crack and big wall climbing.
His favorites are salt crackers and fried potatoes. 


Ogurin is a dashing man who quit his day job for climbing.
He gets excited for any type of climbing, be it indoor or outdoor.
Ogurin deeply loves his ‘Little Dove’.
※ He shuts down when his stomach runs empty.


Kaachan started by belaying her children, then got into climbing herself and in the end became a staff member at Spole Climbing.
Currently she is the Big Mama (what her nickname Kaachan actually means) for all the people at the gym. She is always looking out for everyone’s safety and well-being.
Sometimes comedic episodes with her actual son unfold as well.


Familiar with the regulars at the gym, Takkun is the pure-hearted one of the staff. Strongest at Spole. Sometimes he shows unbelievable finger strength and moves, so perhaps he actually is an alien inside.
Do not be alarmed by his sometime seemingly scattered reception - he is always looking forward to everyone’s visit to the gym.


Although he might look like it, he has quite a sharp tongue. But there is no one more humble than him.
With his love for the mountains growing, he joined our staff and also went on to climb both ice and rock.
Currently, he is avidly learning climbing, so do feel free to throw some tough problems at him to solve.